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Message From CEO

Mr. Abbas Karimi
Chief Executive Officer

It is a trend now in our country for students, whether in high school, college or university, to study abroad.

Due to the various perils of the education system & professional life of a newly developing country, the more talented learners & genuine professionals wish to travel abroad where the sparks of their latent genius will be billowed into fierce blacksmith’s fires within which tools of civilization can be forged. Tomorrow’s leaders can only learn from intellectuals & professionals who are leading today. For that, they have to be able to meet them, stay with them & to be trained by them. Since almost all of the world’s pioneers live outside of the sphere of developing nations, students & skilled professionals of a country like Bangladesh yearn to travel away for knowledge & expertise.

I was born and raised in Chittagong. Since I’ve lived here almost all my life, studied here and worked in various multinational companies, I have developed a unique understanding of the minds of local students & professionals. For this reason, they feel at ease to come to me for guidance & I can act as their teacher, counselor or a guide in real life situations. Consequently, I have become a recognized teacher for students and a role model for professionals.

I am a recognized personality in the community as well. I am strongly involved in various local programs & activities and make frequent donations to local events organized for the purposes of minority & Women empowerment, because I believe that the only thing that can ensure our social & national development is harmony among all groups regardless of their sizes.

I started off with teaching IELTS to students desirous of going abroad. The phenomenal success urged me to also assist my students with foreign education. That was my motivation behind the inception of Edumig. My students are satisfied with the service they receive from my organization. Their tremendous success across the globe speaks for itself.