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Student Speak

Students Speak

Experiences shared by students.

Using Edumig consultancy when I was applying for a university in the UK to do my Bachelor was very helpful, as soon as I got all the documents I was asked to bring together, everything else was easy even up to my visa application. They helped me to arrange, organize and prepare all the necessary documents for my application. The whole application process was carried out by them. I must say, they did a lot more than I expected. Thank you so very much for everything.

Tasnimul Hoque

University: City University Subject: BSC in Finance & Accounting Country: United Kingdom

I came to know about Edumig Consultancy through a friend and I must say Edumig Consultancy is the best consultancy firm I have known. Edumig’s staffs are very professional and very friendly. They are always available to help you.

Mohammed Ali Haider Munna

University: Macquire University Subject: Foundation in SIBT leading to BBA Country: Australia

I am completely amazed. I cannot believe what I have gained through Edumig Consultancy. Genuinely speaking, I was bit tense, nervous and worried through my academic circumstances yet Edumig's tactical counseling through course and university selection had paved my dream to pursue my intended program.

Selim Ahmed

University: Royal Business College Subject: Diploma in IT Level 7 Country: New Zealand

My experience at Edumig Consultancy has been quite surprising. I was not expecting an agency to work in my best interest and get my visa before expected date. The student consultant lodged my application very professionally by thoroughly going through it several time. They made sure that outcome would not conflict my interest. Client satisfaction is definitely one of the core values of their business and it has proved right in my case.

Nafiz Ahmed Fahim

University: University of Waterloo Subject: Master of Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering Country: Canada

Partnering with Edumig Consultancy, for further studies in USA was the best decision I made, because, the experience proved beneficial, and remarkable. Their incomparable approach in service delivery, work ethics, and professionalism made the whole process of studying in a foreign country less cumbersome, than I thought .In addition, their prompt approach to obtain my admission was dynamic, as it required less effort from me. As a result of my relationship with Edumig Consultancy, my study in Business for a Bachelor of Science degree in USA, was easily facilitated, and turned to be a smooth sailing event.

Ali Arman Tausif

University: Berkely College, New York Subject: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Country: USA
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