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Academic English is a self-study course designed for learners who need to improve their listening and reading skills in preparation for further study in English, or for international exams such as IELTS and TOEFL. Available at B1 level, it helps learners develop their skills in understanding academic writing and listening to lectures, and expands their knowledge of high frequency academic vocabulary.



At a Glance

Level: CEFR B1 | IELTS 4 – 5 | TOEFL iBT: 32-45

Number of Lessons: 30 (Digital).

Lesson Duration: Approx. 45 mins .

Key Content: Skill Areas Understanding relationships and supporting points; Identifying arguments and purpose; Paraphrasing; Using contextual clues; Understanding inference and implication; Recognizing sign-posts

Additional Features: 15 Study Skills Videos.


30 lessons at B1 level for academic listening and reading skill practice.

15 short videos on developing study skills to utilize in a university setting.

Structured practice with semi-authentic scripts that mirror university lectures and reading content.

Topics and vocabulary that cover a range of disciplines and study areas including Humanities, Science, Commerce and Law.

Built in review of new vocabulary and skills to maximise practice and build confidence.

About Need to Read

At a Glance

Level: CEFR B1 – C1 | TOEIC ® 350 - 900*

Number of Lessons: 800+ (Digital).

Lesson Duration: Approx. 30 mins.

Key Content: Banking, Finance, Economy, Innovation, the Environment, Media, Science, People, Education, Technology, Management, Employment, Politics/Government, Society.

Additional Features: User discussion and rating forum; printable lessons.


800+ lessons across B1 – C1 level.

Articles that cover a wide range of topics within business and finance.

Structured practice to help learners read more fluently and expand their vocabulary.

An ability to share opinions with others in the Need to Read community, and to rate each lesson.

Printable lesson content including results, commentary and a Word Bank.

An end-of-course test to measure progress.

About WordMine 2

WordMine 2 is designed for learners at all levels who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. The series is comprised of courses to practice general vocabulary, and specialised subject areas, and will help students master hundreds of new words in context. The course offers a flexible, effective way to increase English vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day.

WordMine 2 uses adaptive learning technology to help students focus on words they don’t know, and tracks their knowledge of meaning, written form and spoken form. A spaced repetition learning system is used to introduce new vocabulary and provide repeated and varied practice of words in the study cycle ensuring long-term retention.

At a Glance :

Level: CEFR A1 - C1

Hours of Content: 25 Hours - 500 Words (Vocabulary for ESP Areas); 150 Hours - 3000 Words (Medical Vocabulary).

Key Content: Subject Areas: Specialist: Medical, Legal, Accounting Telephoning, Management Industries: Retail, Hotel/Hospitality, Financial, Engineering, Insurance, Pharmaceutica.

Features :

A level check to assess ability and ensure each learner is working at the correct level (Vocabulary for General English only).

A unique, adaptive learning system that introduces new words, repeats and recycles items in training, and banks vocabulary that has been mastered.

A wide range of exercise types to practice meaning, spelling and pronunciation of new words.

A substantial choice of content to support vocabulary development in a general English, business or academic learning environment.



TOEFL ITP® Practice Tests is a set of practice tests for those who intend to take Level 1 or Level 2 of the TOEFL ITP® exam. The tests will help students improve their test-taking skills under mock conditions, and their results will help learners and teachers form an effective study plan to achieve the best overall score in the exam.



At a Glance

Level: CEFR A1 – C1 | TOEFL ITP® 220 - 627*

Number of Lessons: N/A - 6 Practice Tests (3 at Level 1, and 3 at Level 2)

Lesson Duration: 70 – 115 mins per test (depending on level)

Key Content: TOEFL ITP® test sections and question types - Listening: short, long and extended conversations, talks; Structure and Written Expression: incomplete sentences, error recognition; Reading/Reading and Vocabulary: matching meaning, comprehension

TOEFL ITP® Practice Tests feature:

6 practice tests that will prepare students for the TOEFL ITP® exam (Levels 2 and 1).

Realistic TOEFL ITP® content and topics that students will encounter on the exam.

Section, question and format types that reflect the TOEFL ITP® exam.

Immediate practice test results, with a score for each section, along with an overall percentage.

An end-of-course certificate on completion of all 3 practice tests at the level of preparation.