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New Zealand Overview

Moving to New Zealand is a great choice for anyone wanting a better life as the country has been founded on immigration.

New Zealand has prosperous, western-style economies, with strong local currencies and healthy GDP rates. Despite their economic prosperity, New Zealand have been experiencing the problem of skills shortage and are actively looking to attract qualified, knowledgeable people from all parts of the globe. Job opportunities are diverse and, in some areas, are better pay than in other developed countries. Skilled Migrant is a popular choice for people wanting to move to New Zealand permanently.

But it’s the quality of life what sets New Zealand apart from many of their western counterparts. New Zealand is within the top ten of the World Human Development Index, which describes a superior life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living. New Zealand is also at the top of the list for non-corrupted countries in the world and within top three of the Global Peace Index. New Zealand cities rank highly on the global quality of life surveys, often named as the most livable and friendly places for visitors and residents. Overall, the lifestyle in both countries is extremely relaxed and laid back, with class boundaries virtually non-existent.