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Finland – a well organised country for forward thinkers / Cleaner and greener

Finland is located in northern Europe between our neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is a part of the European Union and a unique member of the Nordic family.

Educational perspective

Education is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish welfare society. The nations prides on an educational system that offers equal opportunities of education for all - irrespective of matters of residency, sex, economic situation or linguistic and cultural background.

Finland has a lot to offer to you as an international student. The Finnish higher education institutions currently offer altogether over 440 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in English. Doctoral study and research options are of course available too.

Teaching in Finnish universities is based on research and the institutions’ specific expertise. These high-quality study programmes combine in-depth research with the needs of your future working life.

Why choose Finland – From a student perspective

Studying in Finland is not just about the studies, but an around the clock experience that will change you – for the better! If you are a non-EU student, check the scholarship options offered by the university/UAS, as you are likely to be subject to tuition fees.

With Finland being one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, the setting is perfect for adventure: explore Lapland with friends, challenge yourself in winter sports, hop in a sauna or go sailing on the beautiful coastline. These student activities offer a chance to connect with both Finns and fellow international students, making lifelong connections and friendships. The language barriers are few as most Finns speak excellent English.

Finland stands out in international students' satisfaction, being the best country to study in Europe. International students in Finland appreciate the high level of academics and academic standards. Also services provided for international students are seen important and receive very positive feedback.

On top of that you can also take your spouse along !


February & September


Applying to most programmes offered in English takes place during the first application period in January and the second application period in March-April only offers a few study programme possibilities in English.

23 January for September 2019

19 September for January 2019

Passport validity requirement

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that your passport should be valid at least six months after your return.

Living cost

The general cost of living is relatively high and the monthly living expenses for a student are approximately 700€ - 900€, depending on where you study. In the Helsinki metropolitan area and other larger cities costs are typically higher than in smaller cities. Choosing student housing can often be the most cost-effective option. As a university student, you are required to pay an annual student union fee, which is approximately 80-100€. Similar student unions also exist at the UAS’s (universities of applied sciences) but the membership is optional there.

After studies – settlement options

As a non-EU student who has stayed in Finland on a student residence permit, you can apply for an extended residence permit for up to a year after your graduation to search for work. If you find employment, you can then of course apply for a new residence permit based on this employment.

Note that you need to apply for a residence permit for seeking work in Finland during the time your permit granted for studies is still valid.

After you have resided on a 'continuous' basis for a certain time in Finland after your graduation, for example as an employed person, it is also possible to apply for permanent residence.