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About Lithuania

Lithuania is at a crossroad between west and east Europe, and throughout its complicated history has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and robust wish to learn and innovate. We are members of EU and NATO, and are among the most bilingual and educated nations in Europe, however costs of living here are lower than in western countries, which makes Lithuania great for tourism, education or business.

Lithuanian people are simple, calm and can be somewhat shy with foreigners, but friendly and good-intended when you get to know them.

Educational perspective

Experts in laser technologies, medicine, information and biotechnologies, architects and artists have been promoting Lithuania abroad for quite some time now. Many professionals have accumulated their knowledge in the higher education institutions of our country. Lithuania is a crossroad between Western and Eastern Europe, and despite its complicated history, has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and a robust wish to learn and innovate.

With higher education being notoriously expensive in most parts of the world, more than three-fourths of international students in Lithuania agree they are getting a bang for their buck – with reasonable tuition fees for the highest quality of studies and generous scholarship schemes for top quality education.

Why choose Lithuania – From a student perspective

Currently there are students from 95 different countries of the world studying in Lithuania. The majority of foreign students choose the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

In 2015 and the previous years, medicine was the most popular study programme. Other study programs such as engineering, management and social work are also popular among foreign students.


September & February


Usually by June 2019 for September and from October 1 to Nov 15 for February. However, the dates vary from university to another.

Passport validity requirement

Must be at least three months longer than the period of validity of a Schengen visa.

Living cost

Lithuania is considered as inexpensive country to live in and students who study in Kaunas have to expect a need of 350-800 EUR per month including: dormitory/flat rent 70-200 EUR, food 150-250 EUR, learning aid 15-30 EUR and leisure 100-300 EUR. There is a possibility to pay by all common credit cards in most of the places but some restaurants and shops may have the requirement to pay in cash for the bills up to 5 EUR.

Costs may vary depending on your needs, lifestyle and other factors. We request students to estimate their expense before travel, which might be helpful to plan and prepare budget for study and living period in Lithuania. Students are able to cut some expenses by using the Lithuanian student identity card, International student identity card or Erasmus Student Network (ESN) card for discounts.

After studies – settlement options

Permanent residency after studies if the person follows the laws and resides in the country legally.