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EDUMIG Is The Best Student Consultancy Firm In Dhaka & Chittagong, Bangladesh

EDUMIG is a professional International education and immigration consultant based in Dhaka & Chittagong, Bangladesh. You can call us also study abroad consultants in Bangladesh. We are the first ICEF-certified agent in Chittagong and one of the best education service providers in town. We help students with career counseling, admission assistance, and visa assistance. Visit our office to come up with a career-building decision.  

Edumig is an education consultancy firm in Bangladesh and a sister concern of IELC (Innovative English Learning Center). The inception of IELC is dated back in Feb 2008. Both Edumig and IELC are enterprises that are on the same premises in Chittagong. IELC has rebranded under the Edumig Ltd name as Edumig English Learning Platform. The official inauguration of Edumig was on the 1st of February 2010. We have our subsidiary operational branch in Banani, Dhaka since 2019.

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How We Can Help You?

With us you will get expert guidelines regarding all your Study abroad needs. We have been fulfilling the study abroad dreams of students in 30 countries for over 10 years.

ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD Knowing how to use it to communicate effectively can bring massive benefits such as – education, employment opportunities, and global media.

We have a dedicated team of experts to enable individuals with high business expertise in their business possibilities abroad. We can help to find faster access to permanent residency abroad.

We have partnered with highly experienced immigration lawyers in order to ensure a successful and flawless immigration application for you.

With the help of our vast network of airlines available in our e-ticket platform, we can get you the best rates. So contact now and get the unbeatable quotes in the market.

With our vast expertise, we will assist you to visit 4 continents of the world. Click here to know more about the countries we are proficient in.

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There are lots of study abroad consultants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Edumig is a popular study abroad agency in Bangladesh.

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There are many student visa consultancy firms in Bangladesh due to an increasing number of students aspiring to go abroad for higher education. EDUMIG is a professional student consultancy firm in Bangladesh. Get Guaranteed Visa from Edumig because we have a 100% Visa success rate.

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Edumig is The Best Student Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh

What Students Say About Us

Do you want to see successful applicants and their photos? Check out our Success Stories!

Tuli Barua International Relations Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

When I came to Edumig, I only knew what I wanted to do, but Nasrin apu was so patient with me as I made my mind and changed it again a thousand times before finally deciding on AMU. Edumig not only helps with preparing your university and Visa applications, but they also help you to transition to a new country. Thank you Edumig!

Ali Armran Tausif Berkeley College, USA

Partnering with Edumig Consultancy, for further studies in USA was the best decision I made, because, the experience proved beneficial, and remarkable. As a result of my relationship with Edumig Consultancy, my study in Business for a Bachelor of Science degree in USA, was easily facilitated, and turned to be a smooth sailing event.

Shabbir haider shishir Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany

All the credits go to the almighty. However my dream to study in Germany would never turn into reality without EDUMIG. I came to know about Abbas Karimi sir from one of my seniors, another successful client of edumig. Edumig team paved the whole way to Germany for me. Thanks Edumig!

Why Student Consultancy Firms Matter for Students Looking to Study Abroad in Bangladesh

Student consultancy firms are like guides for students who dream of studying abroad. They help you figure out different job options, teach you how to work with people, and learn new things. Plus, they’re great at finding scholarships, internships, and jobs after you finish school.

Think of Consultancy firms as your support system. They’re there to answer your questions, show you how things work, and help you get ready for studying in another country. In short, student consultancy firms in Bangladesh are your go-to buddies, guiding you toward your dream of studying abroad and setting you on a path for success!

Why Choose Edumig - Student Consultancy Firm?

At Edumig, we prioritize your needs, offering tailored consultancy services. Our platform features: 

  • No Service Charge
  •  Free Assessment
  • High Visa Success Ratio
  • Streamlined A to Z
  • Application Process
  •  Complete Visa Application Support
  • Thorough Verification of Financial Documents
  • All-inclusive Educational Platform

Moreover, We have the only Digital English Learning Platform in Chittagong ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. With numerous success stories, we invite you to explore these testimonials, envisioning your success story with us. Join Edumig (Best Student Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh) to script your own triumphs.

Avail yourself of a free consultation by signing up today. Elevate your career trajectory with the premier education consultancy firm, Edumig – where personalized guidance meets success

Edumig FAQs: Your Passport to Education Consultancy in Banani, Dhaka ✈️

I'm looking for an education consultancy firm near Banani. Do you offer services in this area?

Absolutely! Edumig have a convenient office located in Banani, Dhaka, staffed by expert counselors ready to guide you through your study abroad journey. Whether you're living in Banani or commuting from nearby, Edumig here to provide personalized support every step of the way.

I'm interested in studying abroad from Dhaka, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you help me?

We'd be happy to! Our experienced counselors will sit down with you to discuss your academic goals, career aspirations, and budget. We'll then suggest suitable universities and programs based on your individual needs and preferences. We'll also guide you through the application process, ensuring you meet all deadlines and requirements.

Is Edumig different from other study abroad consultancy firms in Dhaka?

Our dedication to personalized attention and streamlined procedures sets us apart. We boast a Banani location for your convenience, ensuring easy access to expert guidance. Additionally, our ICEF certification reflects our commitment to high standards and ethical practices. Plus, our comprehensive services – from career counseling to visa assistance – offer a one-stop solution for your study abroad journey.