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study in canada from bangladesh

Looking for a Study in Canada from Bangladesh with Scholarship?

Every year, thousands of Bangladeshi students choose to study in Canada. This is because Canada offers worldclass education at an affordable price. In addition, Canada is a welcoming and diverse country that supports international students. There are many scholarships available for Bangladeshi students who want to study in Canada. These scholarships can help cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and travel.

Some scholarships are offered by the Canadian government, while others are offered by universities and colleges. If you are a Bangladeshi student interested in studying in Canada, be sure to research all of the scholarships that are available to you. With hard work and dedication, you can secure the funding you need to pursue your studies in Canada.

Study in Canada from Bangladesh Requirements

First, you need a study permit or a document issued by the Citizen and Immigration (CIC) which allows you to Study in Canada. Read carefully to know about the study in Canada from Bangladesh requirements.

Documents Required for Your Study Permit in Canada

To apply for your study permit in Canada, you will need:

  1. An acceptance letter from your education institution or university.
  2. A valid passport or travel document.
  3. Proof that you can support yourself or any family members who might accompany you, while you’re in Canada.
  4. Proof of you has enough money to pay for your tuition fee, living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada, and return transportation for both.

Check the minimum funds that need to be reflected in your bank account as an international student

The process for applying for a student visa for Canada from Bangladesh is as follows:

1. You must have been accepted by a Canadian Designated Learning Institution in order to apply for a student visa.

2. You must have a valid passport.

3. You must show proof of financial support, which can include money from parents, sponsors, scholarships, or your own savings.

4. You must provide a letter of explanation detailing your reasons for wanting to study in Canada.

5. You must pass a medical examination.

6. You must have valid travel insurance.

7. You must pay the visa application fee.

8. You may be required to attend an interview.

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Edumig is here to help Bangladeshi students to study in Canada. Edumig is one of the best Canadian Student visa processing agencies in Bangladesh. You can always contact us for a free counseling session and we can guide you on how to go about the entire visa application process.

Why Choose Study in Canada from Bangladesh?

There are some reasons that you should choose to study in Canada from Bangladesh. When a Bengali student starts thinking about going abroad, one of the first things that come to their mind is will they’ll be accepted or not, will they be victims of racist attacks in the country they have chosen? In Canada, you won’t have to worry about this at all. The unique thing about Canadian universities is the level of acceptance and tolerance for people of all ages, races, and ethnicity. A Bengali student will be given the same opportunity as a Canadian student and that is something not all countries can boast about. This, from a student’s perspective, makes Canada the most desirable option when it comes to studying abroad.

Canadian universities are ranked in the Top 50 universities in the world. Many Canadian universities are present in reputed international rankings and a recent educational strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses increasing the number of foreign students. This is why this is the best time to study in Canada. English and French are widely spoken there and they have a big growing community of Bengalis in Canada. So in essence, you will never be far away from home. There are many Indian supermarkets that cater to Bengali food and spices so you can whip up a fantastic beef bhuna whenever you want to.

Top Universities In Canada

How to Study in Canada without IELTS?

IELTS is one of the primary requirements to be met however there are some universities that exempt it. Students from Bangladesh can also receive a visa without IELTS, so their studies aren’t hindered. Normally, If you want to pursue your undergraduate degree in Canada, then you require a minimum of 6.0 band in your IELTS with no band less than 5.5, and similarly, for a post-graduate degree, you require to score 6.5 bands with no band less than 6.0.

Some of the universities accept without IELTS

  1. Thompson Rivers University.
  2. The University of Toronto.
  3. Brock University.
  4. The University of Winnipeg.
  5. The University of Canada West.

How Much Canada is Suitable for Study?

Canada is a picturesque nation of cultural diversity, friendly people, and tolerant attitudes towards foreigners. Nearly a fifth of Canada’s students is welcomed from other nations so you won’t feel the odd one out. Canada has some of the best and top-ranked universities in the world which are at par with the best American & European universities. Canada offers the best quality of life and it is the second-best country in the world. Who wouldn’t want to live in such an amazing environment?

Study in Canada


January, May, and September


Varies from university to university


Validity should extend 6 months at the time of visa application


A major question that every student has is what part-time work opportunities are available for me in Canada. Canada allows full-time students 20 hours of work, either off or on campus, wherever they find a suitable job. If you would like to work in Canada after graduating, you must apply for a work permit under the Post-graduation Work Permit Program. If you would like to stay in Canada as a permanent resident after graduating, there are a number of programs available, each with its own requirements. For detailed information on those requirements, please visit us for a counseling session.

As Canada is a huge country, the cost of living varies from city to city. Vancouver is the most expensive city to live in while Montreal is considerably more affordable. Total cost for living in Toronto for a month could be minimum CAD $ 2000-2500 whereas living in Montreal could cost you CAD$ 1500-2000. It depends on how you spend your money. Living in a dorm is the most expensive option whereas living in a shared basis or as a home-stay guest is sometimes the cheapest option. Cooking your own meal will be the most cost effective way and cycling to and from will help you save a lot on the transportation costs.


  • 1. University of Toronto
  • 2. McGill University
  • 3. University of British Columbia
  • 4. University of Alberta
  • 5. University de Montreal
  • 6. McMaster University
  • 7. University of Waterloo
  • 8. Western University
  • 9. University of Calgary
  • 10. Queens University

The best universities according to programs are categorized below:


  • 1) University of Toronto
  • 2) Waterloo University
  • 3) University of British Columbia
  • 4) McGill University
  • 5) University of Alberta


  • 1. University of British Columbia
  • 2. University of Toronto
  • 3. University of Alberta
  • 4. Western University
  • 5. McGill University


  • 1. McGill University
  • 2. University of Toronto
  • 3. University of British Columbia
  • 4. Queens University
  • 5. University of Alberta

Frequently Asked Questions About Study in Canada

IELTS is required for Canada, minimum score required is overall 6.5, no band less than 6.

Upto 1 year study gap is acceptable in Canada if students can give proper explanation for their gap. If a student is employed it is not considered as a study gap.

Based on your academic results universities might allocation a certain amount of stipend or scholarship after they have accessed your profile after you make an application.

Yes, your dependents may accompany you.

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    Summary of Study in Canada

    Canada is one country, where students even from an economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to study at high league universities. This, again, is a feature that is unique to Canadian universities only as elsewhere in America and European countries; the socio-economic difference could be as high as 20%. So no matter where you come from, a village in rural Bangladesh, or a posh neighborhood in Dhaka, you will find accepted and be treated the same as other students studying alongside you. If you want to study in Canada from Bangladesh with scholarship, Apply today with us!

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