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study in uk from bangladesh

Looking for Study in UK from Bangladesh with Scholarship?

The UK is one of the most popular study destinations for students from Bangladesh. Many students search for how to Study in UK from Bangladesh without IELTS. Every year, thousands of students from Bangladesh come to the UK to study at its worldrenowned universities.

There are many reasons why the UK is such a popular choice for Bangladeshi students. Firstly, the UK has a long tradition of academic excellence. Its universities are worldrenowned for their research and teaching standards. Secondly, the UK offers a wide range of courses and programs to choose from. Whether you want to study business, engineering, or medicine, youll be able to find a course thats right for you. Another advantage of studying in the UK is that its a very culturally diverse country. Youll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultures. And, of course, the UK is also a great place to learn English.

If youre thinking of studying in the UK, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, youll need to meet the academic requirements of the university to you’re applying to. Secondly, you’ll need to obtain a student visa. And finally, you’ll need to have enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses. If you’re serious about studying in the UK, start planning your application today. With a little effort, you could soon be on your way to studying at one of the world’s top universities.

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Why Choose Study in UK from Bangladesh?

There are some reasons for that you should choose to study in UK from Bangladesh. The United Kingdom has universities in nearly every city, meaning that, wherever you go, there is a thriving student population – and it’s growing!

UK student numbers rise every year across all levels of higher education so you will always be surrounded by like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The high density of universities in the UK, combined with the country’s historic and current role as a global centre for finance, business, and culture, makes it a highly popular place to study. Your student visa means that you’re able to work up to 20 hours per week in a part-time job 40 hours during vacation. The UK also has a guaranteed minimum wage, meaning you could earn a minimum of £118.00 before tax per week to help fund your studies. After completion of a UK degree, Students will get 2 years of post-study work permit. As per the policy passed at the end of 2021, A Tier 4 student can convert their Visa to Tier 2 if he achieves 70 eligibility points to work in the UK.

Now Students can apply with spouses & children to accompany in the UK, not only that Spouses can work full time while staying in the UK. A master’s applicant with a huge education gap is accepted in the UK. Apart from that If you decide to study in the UK, you won’t be bored, there is always something to do no matter what your interests are.

Learning is interactive and you will be encouraged to contribute ideas and think for yourself. This will develop valuable skills for career and personal development.

Top Universities In UK

How to Study in UK from Bangladesh without IELTS?

IELTS is the standard test a student whose mother tongue is not English is required to take in order to show his proficiency in English. Is it possible to Study in UK from Bangladesh without IELTS? Yes, Possible! Some universities allow study in UK without IELTS. See below them…

Universities where international students can study in UK without IELTS:

  1. Sheffield Hallam University.
  2. University of Warwick.
  3. University of Basel.
  4. Birmingham City University.
  5. University of Bristol.
  6. Audencia Nantes School of Management.
  7. Riga Technical University.
  8. University of Geneva.
  9. London Southbank University.
  10. Northumbria University.
  11. Robert Gordon University.
  12. The University of Bolton.
  13. University of Northampton.
  14. University of Plymouth.
  15. Portsmouth University.
  16. Swansea University.
  17. University of Greenwich.
  18. University of Central Lancashire.
  19. Aston University, Birmingham.
study in UK


January/February, May, September/October


Varies from university to university


Validity should extend 6 months at the time of visa application.


As in most countries, the cost of living in the UK varies by region, with city life often proving more expensive. According to figures from the UK’s National Union of Students (NUS), the average annual cost of living in England (outside of London) for students is £12,056 (~US$14,850). For those studying in London, the estimate is £15,180 (~US$18,700) per year.

About Study in UK

The UK has a long legacy of academic excellence. In 2022, QS World University Rankings has top UK universities in its top 10 and 55 Universities in the top 500. It’s really not surprising that South Asian students have increasingly chosen the UK as a top study destination. According to data published by the UK Home Office, South Asian student visas issued, grew by over 90 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year, and a whopping 164 percent over 2019, taking the total to 98,747.

Frequently asked Questions About Study in UK

Bachelor’s is 3 years degree with 2-year post-study work permit & master’s is 1 year Degree with 2-year post-study work permit.

As per the policy passed at the end of 2021, A Tier 4 student can convert their Visa to Tier 2 if he achieves 70 eligibility points to work in the UK.

The UK provides plenty of pathway programs for both Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees.

You may apply with IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ MOI/ Internal Test, Minimum IELTS accepted score is 6 no band less than 5.5

Up to 15 years of study gap is acceptable for a Master’s program in the UK with a proper gap explanation.

Up to 30% of scholarships are available in each University.

Yes, your dependents may accompany you.

Summary of Study in UK from Bangladesh

Based on the level of study, the annual fee for UK courses can vary between £10,000 and £26,000 for international students. Then again, UK offers good value for money as average costs are lower than in the US. Take the UK master’s which is completed in a year. You can get a high-quality degree with a rigorous curriculum by spending more time, in a single year in the classroom with shorter holidays and no long vacations. Sounds hard, but it will save you one year’s worth of tuition fees, rent, and living costs. Not only that, you can start earning a year earlier and save more while you gain work experience. If you want to study in UK from Bangladesh with scholarship, Apply today with us!

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